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Product Name: Skinny Fat Destroyer (Offer-$15) – Luis uribe Fitness

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Largest trial proves THIS system is the fastest path to lean body mass and strength…

While rebooting your body’s “Fat Chemical” so you can experience a year’s worth of weight loss in less than 6 weeks…

Hi, My Name is Luis Uribe…

Not long ago, I was doing exactly what you’re doing that’s keeping you the skinny fat guy you don’t want to be.

“Luis are you seriously staying in tonight, we haven’t seen you in months”

It was another normal night that I turned down plans with my friends because I just HAD to finish my workout.

After 5 years of struggling with the reality of my skinny fat body, every free night I had was spent in the gym.

It was easy to turn them down for a night on the town, the hard part was knowing that they weren’t the last people I would disappoint that night…

You see, I knew my girlfriend was home waiting for me, probably in bed, excited for me to come home, but that excitement wouldn’t last long.

Since I was overworked and already out of shape, I was constantly fatigued, overly self-conscious and my hormones were so out of whack it was impossible to ever enjoy any “alone time”.

In other words my sex life had flatlined. Every time I slipped into bed it’s like my body completely forgot what to do.

“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you WANT to make love to me.

She was lying next to me in bed. Her voice shaking, tears in her eyes.

I couldn’t even look at her. I prayed shed roll over and just fall asleep but I could feel her stare.

Being Skinny fat had finally sunk in to ruin every aspect of my life. The questions flew through my mind every day.

“Should I just take steroids?”

“Will I ever lift more than I did in High School?”

“Is my girlfriend going to leave me?”

I blamed my genetics. I couldn’t understand why no matter how hard I would train or diet, my body stayed so soft, some would even say doughy.

I’ll never forget waking up every morning being able to pinch that fat hanging over my boxers.

I became obsessed with achieving a hard muscular body that would make me feel powerful, confident, and secure in my own skin.

I wanted answers. I knew if I was struggling, there had to be a fix. After months of research on the subject of skinny fat and body transformations I finally came across the man that would make it all possible.

During another sleepless night, as I was digging through another study I came across an interview of a brilliant transformation coach, his name is Ryan F.

He’s a world renowned Olympic strength and conditioning coach with over 20 years of experience consulting and coaching with students from amateur gym goers to professional bodybuilders and Olympic athletes.

In other words, Ryan is not your typical trainer!

So, I reached out to him about my problems and he agreed to help find a way to fix it.

In just a few short weeks Ryan and I
discovered an unconventional way of
training that would finally lead to me to
losing my skinny fat for good.

Just a few weeks introduced me to a whole new way to train. Everything I did on my own was actually ruining my body’s ability to burn fat.

Here’s what I learned…

Hours of cardio and poorly planned lifting sessions were keeping me soft shorter workouts specifically designed to burn fat, increase strength and build lean muscle at the same time

There is only 1 word to describe my old diet strategy, sloppy. Switching from diet to diet was actually making my body more prone to store fat. My skinny fat savior and I developed a diet that burned fat without weighing all of my food with a scale or starving myself on a daily basis.

“If the only result you achieve with what I’m going to tell you today is losing 10 pounds of fat off your body, you’re going to be so glad you read every word on this page.”

You see, there are two types of fat that you carry in your trouble spots like your chest, back, neck and love handles.

Each is bad for your health, but not all fat is created equal.

Years ago, we didn’t know that where we carry extra weight matters. Now, we know it does.

Scientists have found that one place – within the belly – is most harmful.

You know that soft tissue you feel when you poke your belly? This is subcutaneous fat. This is what wiggles and jiggles and is usually the only thing you worry about when you’re trying to lose fat.

It’s easier to lose and is supposed to make up about 90% of the fat in your body.

But, There is another kind of fat worse for your health than any other. And literally – this fat kills.

It’s also the fat that makes it impossible for a skinny fat guy to go from a soft to hard body.

And to top it off just like you can’t pick your family, you can’t pick your fat either…

According to The National Library of Medicine, your tendency to carry subcutaneous vs. visceral fat was predetermined by your genes the second you were to born…

It’s also a major player in a variety of health problems especially:

Fact: Exercise is Key to prevent and lose deep belly fat – But it takes a certain type of exercise.

It’s extremely hard to lose fat no matter what condition you’re in..

And the TRUTH is, you can forget going from soft and flabby to man of steel unless you can control a very
tricky chemical in your body…

Once you do, you’ll finally be able to fix your malfunctioning metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle at will.

Here’s the skinny on visceral fat and how you get rid of it…

Your Body’s “Fat Chemical” Is What Determines If You
Burn Fat Or Not. Control It And Building Mounds Of Solid
Muscle Becomes Effortless.

The “Fat Chemical” and the reason you can’t get rid of stubborn visceral fat is…

One of Insulin’s vital roles in the body relates to fat storage. Insulin is like the bouncer at the fat cell night club. Whatever nutrients are in your blood stream, it’s insulin’s job to store them as fat or use them to build muscle.

When you’re skinny fat insulin is working AGAINST you:

    Insulin decreases utilization of fat for energy and makes the body burn carbohydrates instead of your fat stores

In other words it locks fat down in your cells and no matter how much you exercise it does NOT want to let it go.

If insulin is working FOR you:

    nutrients are more likely to be stored as new muscle mass, this allows fat to quickly burn up and be used as energy to fuel workouts.

The good news is, although insulin can hurt you, it can also be your greatest asset, if you can control it…

Low calorie restrictive diets have been proven to burn muscle instead of fat for fuel making you look skinnier and feel weaker as you lose weight.

Question: Have you found yourself losing and regaining the same 5 pounds for the last few years?

Well, This is known as the bodyfat supercompensation effect. AKA the diet rebound.

And if you think that sounds bad, it gets worse…

Remember that evil visceral fat we talked about?

Well, this kind of crash dieting not only damages your metabolism but specifically increases the amount of visceral fat on your body while reducing your levels of lean muscle mass making you skinny fat.

Without the right diet and training you’ll never stand a chance to control insulin, and burn that deadly visceral fat.

Now, Before you think, “Great ANOTHER diet to follow and fall off of in three days”, listen up…

There’s an Easier Way to Diet and Make Insulin Do the
Work of Burning Your Fat With Less Effort – Without
Starving Yourself – Without Counting Calories

World famous food psychologist Brian Wansink said it best,

“the best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on”

You need your diet to burn fat off your body, BUT…

If that sounds like you, I have good news…

To lose your body fat and build lean muscle you only have to make a few minor
changes to your diet and training to get major results.

Picture this, you go to the gym, sit on a stationary bike, choose your favorite course on the screen and start spinning.

2 hours later, you dismount feeling like you finished the Tour De France.

So you must have burned a ton of fat right?

WRONG…Absolutely 100% dead WRONG!

The next day you hop back on the treadmill. You shuffle, skip, and jog for hours. The machine says you burned over a thousand calories, so you have to be at least a little bit leaner right?

You see, you’ve been duped.

Cardio is a waste of time. To lose fat you need to use a specific type of resistance training…

The Key to Drop Fat Quickly is a
Metabolic Acceleration Protocol
Known as – MAD Sets

This little known training method was discovered during a research study in 1947.

Researchers were looking for a way to incorporate higher exertion workouts that:

   Make you lose more fat, faster than traditional cardio

   Ensure that you maintain all of your muscle as you burn fat

The result of these studies was a multi poundage training system, with the potential to burn up to 300 more calories per day than traditional cardio.

And the best part is, just 1 MAD set takes only 4 minutes!

You can get all of the following effects from 1 set in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee in the morning.

Just one Mad set has been proven to:

This is also the most effective way to lose visceral fat and build lean rock hard muscle at the same time!

You see, in a single straight set performed to failure, you don’t activate every fiber in a muscle group.

You only recruit the number of fibers necessary to lift a particular weight for the desired number of repetitions.

By keeping the same weight and continuing the set from different angles, you cumulatively recruit more and more “reserve” muscle fibers.

In other words, MAD sets hit the stubborn muscle fibers deep down stimulating new levels of growth that normally couldn’t be achieved by stopping after a single set.

In fact, the largest trial done by the National Institute
of health proves THIS system is the #1 fastest path to
lean body mass and strength…

A research study done by the National Institute of health provided a unique opportunity to investigate the benefits of resistance training against traditional slow and steady state cardio.

The purpose was to determine if high frequency resistance training would prove more effective in producing greater strength and lean mass gains in healthy trained men and women.

The study found that this specific type training is key to significant increases in lean body mass. The study goes on to say, “If increasing muscle mass and strength is the goal, a program including Resistance Training is required.”

I took this research, put this method to the test, and the results worked better than I could have ever imagined.

Introducing the Skinny Fat Destroyer

With The Skinny Fat Destroyer, You Will…

Drop pounds of ugly body fat while building lean muscle at the same time using MAD set training…

Eliminate ugly man boobs and back fat so that you’re dripping with confidence every chance you get to rip your shirt off…

Burn fat around the clock by increasing your metabolic rate without wasting hopeless hours in the gym…

Supercharge your libido by eliminating deadly visceral fat and skyrocketing your testosterone levels so you feel unstoppable with the opposite sex…

Target your most stubborn fat and reveal your abs using metabolic acceleration techniques to achieve a solid V-Taper physique…

Discover the exact fat loss blueprint to get you a year’s worth of weight loss in 6 weeks making you the envy of everyone you know…

Increase your metabolic rate so you can burn unwanted body fat around the clock without having to waste hours of your week in the gym or bored to death running hopelessly on a treadmill

Learn exactly what to do AFTER you reach your fat loss goals. If you think you can diet the way before you lost all this fat, you’re horribly mistaken. Learn how to avoid being on a “diet” for the rest of your life and slowly transition from fat loss to maintenance

Access a complete done for you diet that revives your metabolism and quickly restores the chemical balance in your body so that you can perform at the highest level every single day…

What’s Included in The Skinny Fat Destroyer

Phase 1: Metabolic Recovery workouts to revive your malfunctioning metabolism

Phase 2: Volume training to ignite gains in new lean muscle mass

Phase 3: Metabolic Accelerator training (MAD) sets for advanced fat burning

Phase 4: F.T.I strength training to preserve muscle mass while you shed the final few pounds and build super hero strength

Learn the BIGGEST MISTAKE people make when they start any exercise program and the simple fix you MUST make to start seeing progress.

Have a clearly written streamlined approach to get started with the Skinny Fat Destroyer program just minutes after you join. You can begin as soon as today!

Printable workout sheets – along with detailed descriptions of how to perform each routine so you can go to the gym guesswork FREE with your fat-melting “treasure map” in hand…

This guide will be your proven battle plan to looking leaner and more muscular on a daily basis.

Good results start with good nutrition, but if you want amazing results, good isn’t going to cut it.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s best to eat and when, or have been confused after seeing all of the different diet trends polluting the internet we are going to fix that right now.

The same Olympic strength and conditioning coach who helped me develop this program holds a master’s level nutrition certification that formed the foundation of this nutrition plan:

An easy way to track your calories without ever having to use a scale or read the confusing numbers on a food label…

The WORST thing you can eat for breakfast that’s like pouring miracle grow on your fat tissue and destroying your lean muscle gains. This trick alone will help you maintain a six pack and low body fat year round…

A simplified nutrient timing strategy that doesn’t require you to starve yourself for half the day that puts your fat burning on auto pilot…

A complete grocery list with every metabolism stoking food you need to get visibly leaner and tighter in days…

This guide will be a go to resource for your meal plan even long after the challenge is over. I’ll show you the do’s and don’ts of a successful and sustainable nutrition strategy.

I usually am hesitant recommending supplements, not because they don’t work but because if the rest of your health isn’t in order, supplements aren’t going to do much good for you.

On the other hand, with a billion dollar industry breathing down your neck, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to choosing the right supplements.

The 9 basic all-natural supplements I recommend to help you reach your fat loss goals even faster without spending a fortune…

The single most powerful mineral responsible for over 300 metabolic processes Essential to make colossal progress in size, strength and fat loss…

Separate fact from fiction even with a billion dollar industry breathing down your neck and leaving you frustrated with a lack of results…

This guide is short, simple and no nonsense so you won’t waste any time or hard earned money.

Plus, when you join today you’ll receive these
special Fast Action Bonuses

Training and Progress Calendar

There’s an old saying that if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Well, I’ve taken
every step to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Which is why The Skinny Fat Destroyer comes with an easy way to track your progress:

No more picking your exercises on the fly. Going in with a plan means shorter workouts and more time to live outside the gym.

Download the workouts and calendar directly to your phone or print them out on the go.

Track every aspect of your workouts from, exercises, sets, reps, to rest periods

Never go to the gym aimlessly again. Get in. Get out. Get it done.

Access to Luis Uribe’s Private Inner Circle
and Unlimited Email Support

When you join the Skinny Fat Destroyer – you prove to me that you’re committed to experience a life
changing transformation.

When you’re committed, I’m committed to making sure you get where you want to go.

That’s why when you join today I’m going to give you unlimited access to me and my Team Luis
Facebook support group so you can dominate your transformation.

Inside my inner circle you can:

Get first look at exclusive video content and articles to help you reach your fitness goals even beyond the skinny fat destroyer program.

Ask any question and get it answered in minutes.

Gain Support from positive and passionate members who are working through the same program as you and can lend advice to any challenges you face along the way.

Find Accountability to keep you focused and motivated until you achieve your goals!

These exercise mechanic cues will teach you how to make every rep count so that getting the most out of
every workout is literally a no brainer.

This is a must have resource when you join the Skinny Fat Destroyer so that you get the best results possible.

Inside the Execution Guide I’ll Show You:

How to safely and effectively perform each movement so you can burn fat and pack on lean muscle mass injury free. (This will come in handy for any program you do for the rest of your life)

High quality photos will show you how to squeeze every inch of each muscle to get the most out of each workout.

P.S this exercise execution guide is an exclusive bonus given to you for being an early adopter of the skinny fat destroyer.

I don’t want to leave you feeling any confusion when you step in to the gym for your
skinny fat destroyer workouts, that’s why I’ve included these in-depth tutorials to
remove any guesswork that could hang you up…

Now you’re probably wondering “How much does the program cost”

But realistically…who wants to spend thousands of dollars for a workout program? Not you. Not even most fitness professionals can afford that.

However, because my goal is to help 1,000,000 skinny fat guys get shredded by next year…

I’m going to give you a complete blueprint to destroy your skinny fat permanently, for nowhere near any of that.

When you order today, you’ll get instant access to

Order Online: Any Country, Any Time 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week / 365 Days A Year
Your Order is Secure and Guaranteed

That’s Less than one tub of processed protein powder!

Less than a single bag of groceries…

Less than you’d spend for a drink at dinner…

Less than a single session with a personal trainer…

You’re going to get everything above and so much more when you experience a remarkable transformation, and you are getting access to it today at the lowest price you will ever find this program!

So, Click the button below now, secure your spot in the Skinny Fat Destroyer and get started on your permanent fat loss journey today.

What will you look like after the Skinny Fat Destroyer?
Here’s what a few of the top students achieved…

Victor lost 15 Pounds for his wedding and earned the respect of his whole gym…

I used the Skinny Fat Destroyer Program to get ready for my wedding this year. I finished up just in time to fit into my tux!

Now, just a week after on my honeymoon, I have just as much energy as I had in my 20’s, My body feels harder than it has in years, and as far as my weight is concerned I am over 15 pounds lighter than before!

I love what this program has done for me and the new level of respect and recognition I’ve earned from my wife at home, friends at work, and other men in the gym.

Evelyn used the program to drop 20 pounds of fat off her body…

The Skinny Fat Destroyer gave me the exact results I was looking for. I lost 20 pounds of body fat just in time for summer.

The program helped me build discipline and absolutely gave me the edge I was looking for in the gym. I was able to drop weight fast while preserving my muscle and preventing my body from staying skinny fat.

After years of no results, Andrew lost his love handles to show off a head turning six pack in just a few weeks…

The Skinny Fat Destroyer was amazing. It was a transformation for me on the inside as much as it was on the outside. I had been lifting for years, but as I got older I struggled with a stubborn layer of fat that nothing seemed to help me get rid of.

I would pinch my love handles every morning. I thought I knew it all but the workouts showed me an entirely new way to train and in just a few weeks I managed to drop fat, Build strength and even some new muscle all at the same time.

Andrew M., Staten Island, NY

I want you to feel absolutely safe and secure with your investment today. All that I ask is you give everything an honest go. After going through this program I want you to experience the amazing feeling that comes with waking up to a rock hard body looking back at you every morning.

In The Skinny Fat Destroyer you’ll experience faster fat loss than you’ve experienced in the entire last year. After applying what you’re going to learn in this program you’ll be leaner, more muscular, and you’ll have the knowledge to keep the fat off for good.

If for any reason you’re unhappy in the first 60 days, since I stand behind every one of my programs 100% I will issue you an immediate hassle free, no questions asked refund. Just email me at and I will personally give you all of your money back right on the spot. No questions asked. You have time to literally go through the entire program AND THEN decide if this is right for you.

This is more than just a guarantee. It’s a personal promise to you that this program is going to help you get rid of your stubborn skinny fat once and for all.

And even if you request a refund, you can keep the entire program, and we can still be friends. I trust you’re an honest person, just as I know you’re trusting me I think that’s the fair thing to do, right? Once again, once you click the button, you’ll have instant access to 6 weeks of the most powerful skinny fat destroying workouts. This program was created to help you lose the most stubborn fat on your body by repairing your malfunctioning metabolism and controlling the way your body uses insulin, “the fat chemical “ if you’re dead serious about getting rid of those love handles you pinch in the mirror every morning, this program will be perfect for you.

P.S. If you want to get insane fat loss results, and trade in your skinny fat for lean, hard muscle definition, you’re in the right place. It’s very clear that you’re on this page because you want more out of your body. It’s time to make that your reality for less than the cost of an entire month of your gym membership you can click or tap here now to get started.

P.P.S. Keep in mind, when you join today you’re backed by my 60-day 100% money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose.

Order Online: Any Country, Any Time 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week / 365 Days A Year
Your Order is Secure and Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, when you follow the Skinny Fat Destroyer to a “T” you’ll notice even the most stubborn body fat feel like it’s falling off your body. Your chest will become harder, your abs more chiseled and defined, while your arms pop-out with vascularity and definition that turns heads.

The great thing about this workout is that it is designed so that you always have something new to work forward to, but at the same time your body has time to adapt to the workouts and change. You can continue following this program for a few cycles if you choose to by adjust your diet to fit your goals based on the guidelines.

Metabolic Acceleration Training is a specific workout routine you can follow at the gym to accelerate your metabolism to burn fat, and build muscle. The methods have been proven to accelerate fat loss while helping you build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Yes, it will. The side effects of the Skinny Fat Destroyer will fight back against your stubborn fat on all your trouble spots like your love handles, chest, neck, and back. We will reverse you high levels of estrogen and balance your insulin to reprogram your body to burn fat for fuel.

I’d like to say this program is for everyone, but it’s not. If you are one of those guys who loves working out for hours on end and performing long cardio workouts on the treadmill, this is not for you. Likewise, if you’re a “fad diet follower” bouncing from one weight loss camp to the next, the Skinny Fat Destroyer is not for you Why? Because most fad diets are not sustainable, and if you can’t commit to a diet that works with your life, you might as well not be on a diet plan at all. I don’t want you to join the Skinny Fat Destroyer until you’re ready to cut back on long, catabolic workouts and stop following fad diets that fight against your fat burning efforts.

No. The Skinny Fat Destroyer lasts about 6 weeks and combines some of the most powerful fat loss strategies for faster measurable results. Skinny Fat Destroyer program increases your exposure to the two most powerful, yet overlooked, fat loss chemicals, testosterone and insulin. However, that’s just half the story. You’ll also combine a specific Metabolic Acceleration protocol with MAD sets to take your body to new heights in muscle, strength and leanness.

If depends how much effort you put into the program. When you follow everything exactly as I lay out, you will notice improvements in your physique in a few days while others will start to take note of your changes in just a few weeks.

If you don’t notice a difference in your physique, energy levels, and strength in as little as the first two weeks just send me an email and I’ll personally issue you a refund. No questions. No Hassles. You can also read my 100% money back guarantee.

I strongly recommend this program to guys 20-55 years old or guys who are looking to build muscle and burn fat quickly without losing all their hard-earned muscle. This Skinny Fat Destroyer program fights the typical muscle loss that comes with rapid fat loss from crash dieting and improper workouts.

I don’t see why not! One of the beta testers of this program was a lady and she had some amazing results!

About 10 seconds to a few minutes. After you purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire Skinny Fat Destroyer and Free Bonuses. You can download it to your computer and start burning fat today. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfilment process for your program. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which are bonus points for you!

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Yes. You can securely purchase the 28 Day Anabolic Shred using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

No. The Skinny Fat Destroyer is a one time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.

Buresh, R, et al. “The Effect of Resistive Exercise Rest Interval on Hormonal Response, Strength, and Hypertrophy with Training.” Advances in Pediatrics., U.S. National Library of Medicine, Jan. 2009,

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Click here to get Skinny Fat Destroyer (Offer-$15) – Luis uribe Fitness at discounted price while it’s still available…

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