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Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to personal and family finances and your struggles with working long hours to get ahead and losing time with family?

Do you feel frustrated…abandoned…even inadequate about your progress?

What if I told you that several clients of mine who read this very web page you’re reading now are finding out how to calculate their way through their most important financial decisions and reducing stress in their lives while others are frustrated wondering how they are doing it…

Not being able to financially break through the invisible barrier that holds us back is frustrating, depressing and debilitating. Like a magic force field keeping us back from the life we can clearly see on the other side.

The life that we see others leading, the life that we dream about. The life that consumed our youthful thoughts and the life we have grown to feel was unattainable.

In a world of abundant and cheap knowledge the REAL question becomes, how do we synthesize that knowledge to work for us?

Meeting with insurance agents to save money without risk just to find it didn’t quite fix your problem, then our Breakthrough’s course is for you!

Taking financial workshops to learn the secrets to building wealth ultimately feeling it was a loss because you found that learning is one thing, doing is another, then our Breakthrough’s course is for you!

Meeting with financial advisors so your money could earn a good return in the end to feel over charged, inadequate and that your money under performed, then our Breakthrough’s course is for you!

Listening to advice on the radio to find that you were shuffled off in the hands of a product salesman, then our Breakthrough’s course is for you!

Searching the web to find the truth of what you should really be doing. But, it felt like a second job where you were left overwhelmed, confused and wondered how you couldn’t figure out things that seemed to come so easy to others then, our Breakthrough’s course is for you!

Here’s what you get in the course

Breakthroughs is an education-based engagement in an automated setting for your first class and is in a live online class setting for the remaining four classes. We call this class Breakthroughs because it’s intended to break through the areas of the left and right brain that may have yet to fully comprehend about Building REAL and lasting wealth and:

Here you will begin your learning process with all eight Financial Breakthroughs which are the “secret sauce” written by the founder of UGRU. These “Breakthrough’s” were learned from 20 years of the founder’s experience with building, losing and rebuilding wealth. The first four, of which, are all about working through limiting money beliefs with perceptions and mindset.

Ken gave me my first money lessons that have served me well over 20 years!

Wonderful coaching! If only I had followed ALL of it earlier.

Here you learn why sound finances are so critical to not only you but the ripple effects money has on your children and the greater of society and why it’s so important for you to be able to think for yourself when it comes to money. Breakthrough number five is also about “Creating an Immediate Estate” where you learn the straight scoop on all things insurance and how to think critically about your insurance decisions.

Rochelle P. – Las Vegas, NV

Ken saved me 10’s of thousands. But more than that, he always had my best interest at heart – he REALLY cared.

Ken is the only one I’ve really trusted with my finances.

Breakthrough six is a deep dive on the three ways to save, the three worlds of money, a look into insurance vs equity products for saving, what you need to look out for and how to correct inefficient decisions with your retirement. You will learn why you aren’t getting the rates of return on your money long term like you were told and ultimately how to think critically for your most optimal financial decisions.

Lorena M. – Good Year, AZ

Ken saved me from losing half my retirement savings!

Ken protected me from losing my 401k!

In Breakthrough number seven we cover real estate where you will learn what they REALLY mean when they say location, location, location. You’ll learn the whole process for a home transaction with the most important considerations and the options for financing a purchase. You’ll learn real estate investment strategies. But, most importantly, you will learn how to think critically about your real estate decisions.

What UGRU offers is worth many times what they charge.

W. and B.J. Smith – Nevada

Ken helped us into a home and pay off debt we didn’t think was possible.

Rick L.  – Las Vegas, NV

Tim M.  – Financial Advisor

Very authentic, has the power to disturb the status quo.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Participate in the entire UGRU Breakthrough’s course and, if at the end of the last class you have not learned actionable steps that give you at least 100 TIMES THE VALUE of your investment, give us your reason in writing and we will refund your investment with no hassle.

A:   Our process is designed to be experienced in a virtual environment – we use the latest technology to bring everyone together in a virtual classroom setting so we are able to afford the time to give you LIVE attention. Don’t sit back and watch a movie though – this is hands on know how being passed on from someone who personally knows how to build the wealth that most only dream about. Your money is not a spectator sport!  

Q:   If I am broke, how can I justify the expense of Financial Coaching?​

A:   If you are broke, the alternatives of bankruptcy, credit counseling and even the ongoing late fees and charges from banks and creditors can easily mount to more than the cost of a Financial Coach. Your financial success is a series of small positive decisions which our coaches are uniquely capable of delivering results on. However, the decision to hire a coach is uniquely you and you are the only one that can make that decision. If you are ready, we believe your next decision will be a positive one.

Q:   I have an advisor, how can this help me?

A:   Everyone has a specialty and our job is to achieve results. Advisors make their living by selling financial products so if you already have a financial advisor our job is to take a good client a make you a great client of theirs. The role of a financial advisor and a coach is very different. See the differences in the chart below:

Q:   Do you make money from referring me to other financial professional’s?

A:   We are not compensated by financial advisors, insurance agents or other financial professional’s for referrals ever. We believe this allows bias to seep in but we will however teach you what you what you need to know as you engage other financial professional’s.

Q:   Can’t I just use Google and get the same thing you’re offering?

A:   You can try but, how can you possibly synthesize all of the conflicting data that exists about your money on the internet and execute on it? We believe the answer is: you can’t, and these are our reasons:

Results vs Random Info – Our information is giving you the best chance to succeed because it’s clear and results oriented.

Raw info is not enough – Let’s say someone gave you their phone number in raw data form. You wouldn’t be able to call them. But, if you were given that data in the proper sequence you could call them. This is the difference and we’re confident this kind of convenience is highly valuable to you.

It’s what you don’t know you don’t know- You’re not being told WHAT you could search on Google. We’re telling you what you didn’t think to search.

It’s not the availability, it’s the ability- Searching, weighing conflicting points and not knowing who is right makes synthesizing searched info near impossible. Even if you did have the time, do you REALLY want to spend it on that or do you want to live your life spent on more enjoyable things?

Support, Accountability and motivation- You can learn all day by reading Google and Tubing the net. You can share and like info all day long and that might feel good too. You can set goals and make plans around that. But our financial coaching represents support, accountability and motivation. We are your support network! Free is great, but your family finances are way better than what free offers!

Q:   What kind of results can I expect to get out of this course?​

A: In the first 7 days you can expect:

In the first 30-90 days you can expect to be armed with tools, resources, knowledge and actionable know-how to make your own proper decisions for:

In the long run you can expect to know how to think critically about all your financial decisions and learn how to save:

Q:   How is this course different from other financial courses?

A:   Other courses might be popular and be marketed well to reach a lot of people. But, that doesn’t make them right. Most courses are educational and so is Breakthroughs. However, the main differences are:

We don’t push financial products or one place to buy a financial product, rather show you how best to select what’s really right for you at the best possible value.

We show you how to think critically when it comes to making your own financial decisions as opposed to telling you what’s right.

We don’t sell you as a lead to some licensed sales person who wants to make a commission on you and we don’t purport to know their heart as to whether they will do well by you. Rather, we arm you with the tools and knowledge to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

We don’t use the appeal of 12% stock market returns to excite you into a false sense of security leading to a future you might regret. You deserve better than that.

We won’t sell you on a particular idea of what to do when it comes to making a financial decision, rather we calculate your way through what really is best for you.

We understand that everyone has their own financial fingerprint and we need to meet you where you are at.

Q:   Do you offer group discounts for Breakthroughs?

Q:   What if I have additional questions after the course?

A:   There are other service offerings for one-on-one coaching where you can meet with one of our trained coaches.

Q:   Do you sell investment or insurance products?

A:   No. We guide you to many direct alternatives that are cost conscious in the Breakthrough’s course and believe you would benefit from the savings. However, there are some circumstances that you will need a licensed professional to accomplish some of the things discussed.

You’re still here? Just enroll already… Go on, you know this IS good! 

Oh you can’t see your future after having gone through the course?

Imagine, you’ve engaged a financial professional for the first time that actually sits on the same side of the table you do AND you know this because there is no product commission or fees associated with the decisions you make.

It’s pure and they care about one thing. RESULTS! They don’t have your money in an account they control so you no longer feel the silent concerns you felt before as you arrive at your financial decisions.

You don’t feel inadequate in front of them because they don’t judge your current financial state but pull you up to your dreams, hopes and aspirations.

You’re amazed because in spite of your pre conceived notions they delivered on the promise of finding money you didn’t think you had and you are actually saving money you didn’t think you could.

Every now and then you ponder with a smile on your face how amazing it is that you no longer blindly listen and get burned.

Instead you feel empowered because you have a partner in your back pocket who isn’t beholden to a product, commissions or fees and for the first time you feel like you made an investment that you absolutely know has returned dividends of value far greater than you even originally expected.

The agony of fearing your financial future has stopped. You’re focused with answers and resources on demand and you no longer live your financial life as a wandering generality. Nope! You are a meaningful purpose who is intentional with your money…

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Click here to get Breakthroughs: Take control of your Finances | UGRU Financial Coaching at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Breakthroughs: Take control of your Finances | UGRU Financial Coaching is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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